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Health Care


Health care Market

Any organization concerning health market such as: hospitals, medical centers, laboratories, diagnostic centers, emergency rooms, pharmacies and others requires the use of a software that constantly indicates the customer service state in order to satisfy the needs of its customers /patients.

e-Flow® Queue Management and e-Flow® On Line Appointments are the perfect solution to satisfy those needs and also predict and control patients flow.

e-Flow® provides the possiblity to internally organize customer service by setting specific times for each patient. It also generates patterns which are able to predict situations which require flexible staffing or optimization of staff ´s productivity in order to satisfy the whole patient experience

e-Flow® Online Appointments system is another solution which is able to balance work flow and distribute it among days, hours, weeks and months. This way patients-flows and waiting times are reduced.

Sick patients and their companions perceive a higher quality of service and experience.

Thanks toe-Flow® Digital Signage ,health campaigns can be exhibited throughout different areas, so patients will take notice of them

From the institutional point of view, e-Flow® contributes to increase customer loyalty and generates new customers / patients through a faster and more efficient customer service ; it also integrates different areas , efficient employees who are informed and fulfilled in their work according to the evidence provided by the system.

Goals for employees and medical areas can also be set.

By improving the patients service level, the number of clients/patients will be increased, which ensures a virtuous circle but does not cause any operational risk because your Company is now able to manage it efficiently through E-flow intelligent automation process.

The possibility to know in real time the status of each medical area and different waiting rooms, and to have a monthly, weekly and daily statistical report, provides an objective view of employees productivity, changes / trends about demand patterns and to change models of service to satisfy the health center needs.