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Retail Market

The retail market is marked by the paradox of reducing costs and a unique and memorable customer experience at the same time.
Customer flows in stores generally have seasonal peaks which provoke a deficient customer service during those high points, forcing these companies to have a customer flow prediction model which can contemplate flexibility in staffing to provide a fast service when is required but at the same without any extra expenses whenever the flow becomes low.

e-Flow® measurement system calculates unproductive time (when the consumer does not buy) and with this information the company can establish mechanisms to turn that time into market -shelves circulation time where the indecisive consumer can continue the journey by adding more products to his cart.

With e-Flow® Queue Management whenever the customer requires any service, he can take a turn and keep walking around the market, buying more products, with the confidence and certainty that he will be alerted when he is next in line to be served so he won´t lose his turn.

e-Flow® Digital Signage generates advertising which promotes products and / or offers. This way your clients will be aware of more opportunities and offers.

Order picking process has the benefit that the client must go to the store to pick up his pack, and the whole picking process and delivery must be efficient. So when the customer checks in his ID guide and waits in the store, he can keep buying products.

e-Flow® can implement creative strategies so the customer waiting time can be translated into more shopping.
From the point of customer loyalty b can provide special service to frequent and loyal customers, so they can get a faster and better customer experience.