Our Target Markets




Goverment Market

Service in Public Organizations is the mirror of a Goverment.

Citizens relates any public process to a waste of time, because these processes are slow and complicated.

e-Flow® offers to change this citizen´s view through a system where the process can be simple, fast and easy.

Good service translates into citizens who pay their taxes with joy. Goverment Administrations are more supported by people when citizens receive a good service.

Improving citizen/customer service through e-Flow® On Line Appointments optimize time and provides a transparent and efficient image of the system and of the Administration.

Reports in real time, daily, weekly and monthly provides the opportunity to evaluate the performance of officials who work in customer service areas and determine their productivity and knowledge, getting as result who needs to focus on training.

e-Flow® satisfies the needs of each area and integrates them at the same time. It has a general and specific report of each area.

Through e-Flow® Digital Signage, Organizations can exhibit campaigns, Government Achievements, promote activities, etc.