Our Target Markets




Financial Market

e-Flow® offers the Financial Market a solution which automatizes intelligently the customer service process in the branchs channel. a new concept of quality and efficiency is integrated to the customer service by introducing technological innovation, getting as a result customers loyalty.

e-Flow® expands CRM strategy to the bank doors , our system identifies customers since they arrive at the bank. Thanks to this process the system can tell the segment to which the customer belongs, who is his officer, and if he was selected by any campaign. The customer can also receive messages through his officer and obtain waiting times according to the segment he is part of.

e-Flow® Digital Signage (TV LCD) is also used in this market to display upcoming appointments, publicity and information in digital format.

The customer waiting time is used to promote products, entertain or give information, it is also used to print the ticket for his turn or deliver any message to the customer at the moment he is identified.

e-Flow® On line appointments distributes time of service according to certain services or segments of customers so as to schedule appointments or visits to their offices.

The customer has different channels to book appointments (movile devices , web site) this way he receives a special service.