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Sidesys Group, leader in the Financial Argentinian Market with the solution e-Flow®

Sidesys Group, leader in the Financial Argentinian Market with the solution e-Flow®

Buenos Aires, 7 de March, 2017

The Sidesys Group Queue Management Solution e-Flow®, consolidated as the leader in the banking and financial Argentinian markets allows the organizations to achieve the highest standards levels of service, productivity and quality.

The financial industry is in a deep transformation: the new trends impact on the traditional market’s customer service, the way of relating and the way of distributing the products and services. Detecting and analyzing these changes in the sector is a main priority of the industry that aims to a more satisfied customer.
The trends in developed countries indicate a shift in the dominant age groups, for which specific value propositions are developed, accompanied with a growing use of mobile and alternative channels. Because of this, in addition of the implementation of our solution e-Flow® our clients have implemented e-Flow® Digital Signaling Solution to capitalize waiting time, through the use of the same televisions used for the ticket summoning: the promote products, services and/or provide information.

Thus, the branch remains the preferred cannel of sales and personalized attention, providing closeness and warmth, but in a much more integrated way with the rest of the channels to:
– Customers always connected, who relate to their financial entity how, when and from where they want.
– More informed customers, who access more sources of information and easily consult several options before hiring a product.

On balance, more satisfied customers with more ability to choose, have to be the center of strategies taken by the market. They must assume models of attention that allow to respond to the desire of the consumers to relate in a different way, with different schedules and different buying habits. In response to this need, many of our customers have implemented e-Flow® Appointments Solution, to generate differential attention from multiple access channels (App Mobile, Web Mobile, Web PC, Call Center, Social Networking, Presential Channel or other means). But above all reducing unnecessary waits and adding agility of flow of the branches, being able to schedule a shift for the branch and the desired moment for the client.

Innovation only makes sense if it serves consumers, to meet the growing demands of an increasingly powerful customer.

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7 de March de 2017

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