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Do you know how much your clients wait for service at your businesses?

Do you know how much your clients wait for service at your businesses?

Buenos Aires, 22 de February, 2017

Queue management is a key dimension in a customer service model. A long wait impacts negatively causing the client to leave the premises without receiving assistance or service. Also, it implies a deployment of expensive and unproductive resources.

Defining how many cashiers or customer servers are needed is a question that applies to Banks, payment centers, supermarkets, or a customer service facility, among others. It’s important to establish an adequate balance between the service demand and the resources put in disposal of them, so as they are allowed to pay a differential service at a reasonable cost and with an efficient use of several elements of the system.

An intelligent solution is to take advantage of the advanced technology to exploit the productivity at its maximum potential, as well as the team work performance, the employees´ general well-being and comfort while in their working hours and, of course, the objective of reaching the necessary empathy and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

The technological integration composed by the self-service kiosks placed at the entry of the customer service facilities is the current choice of those companies that understand that ensuring the customer´s comfort becomes a profit later on.

22 de February de 2017

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