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What must an entrepreneur take into account before putting his own project in motion? (Part II)

What must an entrepreneur take into account before putting his own project in motion? (Part II)

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 13 de January, 2017

Among the decisions of the targeted business, the desire of growth and progress always turns up. This is why every entrepreneur should take its time to determine who will join him/her in the project. How does a natural leader should be? What turns a leader into a referent? How to detect them?

“A leader is a hope negotiator” said once Napoleon Bonaparte. On this third chapter new questions arise, questions that will guide the entrepreneurs’ path previously chosen. In the first place: is oneself capable of coexisting with people that naturally do not communion with the same ideas, a similar lifestyle and similar objectives, besides the idea of the project? Is it possible to believe being convinced that you can develop the ability to interact and bond with these people? Are this aspects to be covered taken into account when the moment to transform the project idea into a pyme comes? Once more, the key, always in the opinion of who’s writing, lies in answer these questions correctly.

In this analysis it is important to put the investor partner aside and focus in the ones who will lead the company operationally. When it is decided to move forward with the partners, it has to be clear that in every PyME there must be a natural leader, that may not be the more capable, nor the one who knows the best the idea, nor the more technical one. Nevertheless, this leader should gather the necessary characteristics to achieve the nature that will define when it will – or will not – be an agreement, that will settle the situations in which there will be no consensus, that will steer in the storms that will arise and that will be the natural referent of the rest, both partners and employees. Therefore, you have to ask yourself if you are trained for that role, and, if the answer is no, then if any of the chosen partners will be.

The foregoing will be necessary to determine who the leader will be: a leader that define, act and run the PyME as needed. The ideal is that this partner doesn’t belong to the friendship group but that builds trust, with more work experience than the rest, someone with common sense, sound judgement and strategical vision. To put it in a nutshell, someone with further more experience, both personal and professional, than the rest. Someone practical. Someone that can solve, based on past experiences, things that the youngest have never experienced, and, even as simple as they may be, when faced by the first time, they leave you sleepless, restless. A common example may be the arrival of the end of the month together with the lack of money for paying the salaries.

As a conclusion of this third chapter, it is appropriate to say that it is always good to add different wishes that pose different visions, which will be enriching for every company. But every day somebody has to take decisions in a permanent way, the leader implicitly or explicitly chosen, should take into action.

The habit of the societies conformed by men shows that the female partners aren’t really common in the creation of a company. Nevertheless, here will be numbered a series of virtues from the female perspective inside a business that every entrepreneur should weigh before going out in the real world.

In the majority of the cases, male partners get together with friends to give shape to the idea of their own company, in that moment is rare enough that they even think in incorporating at least a woman as a partner, and that is one of the first big mistakes due to the lack of experience, because of the classical youth thought: “we’ll do it among friends”.

The value of incorporating a female partner has many positive elements beyond her capacities and knowledge. We are talking about a figure that will create an internal equilibrium, that will be, in general terms, less rushed or impulsive when the moment of important decision-making comes; that will give a vision from another perspective that men may have not think about, and that she will be a natural mediator in important discussions or issues that a to a naked eye may seem irreconcilable.

In daily work, the female partner will contribute with many elements to be taken into account – beyond her specific knowledge and her intellectual capacity – as subjects related to the working environment. In day to day work the woman will provide more sensitivity and will be more aware of the basic needs of the employees, those that the men may overlook or consider with little importance, while for the employees they are not.

World has changed, globalization tied him up to herself, and, with that, the working relationships fluctuated.

From the place of a partner director, oneself is reluctant to agree with the idea of the youngest, 20-26 years old, that feel no sense of belonging at all and that change jobs to any payment rise or position improvement. But do agree with the idea that one earns the trust every single day and the sense of belonging to the company.

In the actual working world, the PyMEs will always be in disadvantage with the globalized companies that everybody know as (or seem to be as) the wonder of dreams, but much can be done to retaing true talents, and, in that part, the attitude of a female partner may really contribute to the success of the cause.

Author: Fernando De Micheli
General Director at Sidesys Argentina/ México / Dominican Republic

13 de January de 2017


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