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Success Story: Ministry of Finance of Aguascalientes, Mexico

Success Story: Ministry of Finance of Aguascalientes, Mexico

Aguascalientes, Mexico, 15 de February, 2017

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The Financial Secretary of the Government of Aguascalientes in Mexico needed a solution to optimize its taxpayer service.

Looking forward to be an efficient government unit, with service vocation and excellence performance, they relied on Sidesys IT Solutions and found the answer in its solution: e-Flow®.

e-Flow® Queue Management was successful in its implementation, integrating the information, facilitating the managerial process, the levels of service fulfillment, the resources performance evaluation, control of deviations in the institutional policies and the decision making process.

At the Secretary of Finance of the State Government, they added e-Flow® Digital Signage, noticing that the platform proposes a simple solution for the basic demands of digital signage, while the visualization of multimedia content generates a very important channel of communication.
The alliance forged between Sidesys IT Solutions and the State Government Unit of Aguascalientes has been beneficial not only to strengthen and optimize the state tax system customer service, but also to help boost the integral development of the State of Aguascalientes.

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15 de February de 2017

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Digital Signage, Mexico, multimedia, Queue Management, solution, taxpayer service

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