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SeNaSa (Dominican Republic) strengthens commercial bonds with Sidesys IT Solutions.

SeNaSa (Dominican Republic) strengthens commercial bonds with Sidesys IT Solutions.

Santo Domingo, República Dominicana, 1 de November, 2016

The Dominican Republic’s National Health Service (SeNaSa) strengthens commercial bonds with Sidesys IT Solutions by installing e-Flow in 6 new branches.
It has already implemented e-Flow® at 15 branches, and it’s the first client in the country to run our surveys software in tablets.
SeNaSa needed a tool for gathering hard data from its affiliates to be able to guarantee quality customer service.
Once again, SeNasa trusted in Sidesys for this task.
E-Flow® Surveys is a software developed to get to know the users’ opinion, contributing to decision-making and improving the customer service process.

1 de November de 2016

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